Frequently Asked Questions

What is Paddee?

Paddee is an online marketplace and editor for photo booth templates. We have over 5000+ designs that you or your clients can select. When you find a design you like, you can easily edit it within your web browser (preferably Google Chrome). Paddee is a monthly subscription-based service that allows you to export unimited photo templates for your upcoming event. We also offer pay-per-design if that better suits your needs as well.

How does Paddee Work?

With our unlimited plans, you can create and export designs for as many events as possible.

We only ask that you are not abusive. When we say abusive, we mean please do not sign up for an unlimited plan and try to export dozens of incomplete or partial designs.

When you create a design with Paddee, we ask that you make a complete design ready to be loaded into your photo booth software—exporting an incomplete overlay to finish in another software.

What is your license policy?

All templates exported must be a "complete" design. Meaning you have to finish the design in Paddee before exporting it. For example, you cannot export a design with missing text and then use a 3rd party software like Photoshop to add the text later.

You have to use a new design for each event. You cannot purchase an overlay and then change the text so you can use the same one for a different event at another date.

We set our policy up like this, so our designers are paid for their work. We've done this to ensure that they continue creating designs you and your customers love💕

What happens if I export a bank template?

For each incomplete design exported, we will charge you an additional $19.99 fee.

How do credits work?

None of our current plans incude credits any longer. We have moved away from credits competey and only offer unlimited export pans. The following information applies to all of our grandfather users who have been with us since launch.

Your discontinued pans use credits to export designs created in Paddee. When you export a design in Paddee, it will use 1 of your credits. New credits are automaticay added to your account every 30 days/renewal cycle. If you run out of credits before your monthy renewal cycle, you can purchase more credits. You ony have to contact us via chat or email at

Unused credits from previous months will only roll over to the following months on grandfathered plans.You will only lose your credits if you cancel your subscription/plan. Your plan cancels if you fail to pay your monthly renewal payment and your subscription goes unpaid for some time. You will lose all credits accumulated to your Paddee account if this takes place as well. Once you cancel your subscription to a grandfathered plan, you will no longer be able to resubscribe to it. if this occurs, please contact us via chat or email at

How does pay-per-design work?

You can purchase a monthly subscription/plan or do pay-per-design. If you choose to do pay-per-design, it will cost $14.99 to export an individual non-premium design. Export Premium designs from Paddee will cost $24.99 when not subscribed to a plan. To find out how to correctly set up pay-per-design here.

Can I upload personal graphics like a logo or picture to a design?

Yes. You can upload JPEG and PNG files to any design. Any files you upload will be private, and you can add those images to any of your overlays.

What is 1-Click Import?

1-Click import is the process that makes it simple to load your Paddee design into your photo booth software. When you export from Paddee, we give you a file you can load directly into your photo booth software. Your photo booth software will handle the rest.

What photo booth software supports 1-Click Import?

Am I locked into a contract?

No. You can cancel your subscriptions at anytime. You must request to cancel your subscription before your account's next renewal charge. You have one week to request a refund if you contact us after your renewal charge. You can only request a refund if you have not exported any design during the billing period.