Paddee is photo booth layout maker that works online

Paddee is a photobooth layout maker that works online. No photoshop needed!

For real… ditch Photoshop and get with Paddee! Paddee is a Photo Booth layout maker that works online. You don’t need Photoshop, you don’t need Adobe Elements. Heck, you don’t even need to be creative. Our online photo booth layout maker works in your web browser. You can find some designs you like and edit the design without much fuss. Watch the video below to learn a little more. Our photo booth layout maker has designs that are perfect for weddings, birthday parties, various holidays like Christmas, New YEARES.. TYOU GET THE PICTURE.

How much does our online photo booth layout maker cost?

If you’re looking for a photo booth layout maker that works online, you are most likely a photo booth company. Who else would really be looking for a tool like this right? Well… our pricing is pretty straightforward. It starts at $20 for 5 designs. If you were to purchase a template elsewhere it might cost you $20-$30. Pretty good value huh? Our Photo booth layout maker is free to use for a trial Check it out… see if you like it… or LOVE IT!  We hope you love it. We have worked hard on it.   If you hate photoshop or you are not creative, but want a tool that allows you to make photo booth layout maker online, then Paddee is definitely the right tool for you

Blah blah blah... show me what this photo booth layout maker online can do!

Well, I love your enthusiasm. Check out designs below that we are available for use in our photo booth maker online. Remember, you can edit all of these designs right from your browser and load it into your favorite photo booth software!