Flexible pricing with credits that roll-over & accumulate each month. Try it FREE for 30 days!

You get 4 export credits per month

Pay per design

If you need less credits, you can always pay per design. With pay-per-design you are not on a plan and are only billed when you export a “final” design. Pay per design costs $15.

Select per-event billing

 Awesome features

All plans give you the following features


You get full access to every design in our library

Design editor

You get access to our design editor that lets you edit your photo booth templates

Look Book

Install our Look Book on your site so guests can choose their own photo booth print template.

1 Click Import

Load you Paddee designed templates into your software f choice in 1 simple click

Frequently Asked Questions


How do credits work?

When you start your plan, you will immediately be given the number of credits your purchased. You use the credits to export a design.  When you export, we have a “final export” and a “sample export.” A sample export will not consume a credit, but will have a PADDEE watermark on the exported design. A Final export will NOT have a PADDEE watermark but will charge you a credit or will bill you at the per-design rate.

When do my credits reset?

Your credits will reset on 1st of every month. If you have credits remaining from the previous month, they will be added to the next months credits. 

Am I stuck on the same plan?

No, you can switch plans at anytime.

Is there a contract?

No, you can cancel at anytime.