How to import a template into Darkroom Booth

How to import template into Darkroom Booth

Once you have created your photo booth templates with Paddee it’s super easy to import the final design into dslrBooth. 

  1. Export the template from Paddee
  2. Extract the zip file
  3. Import the design into Darkroom Booth


How to import your template into Darkroom Booth [Step-by-step]

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1. Export the template for Darkroom Booth

  1. Within the design editor click EXPORT and choose SAMPLE or FINAL.
  2. Select Darkroom Booth and then click EXPORT DESIGN NOW
Export Final VS Export Sample:
  • Export Final – This will export a version without watermark but will charge you or deduct a credit from your account.
  • Export Sample – This will export a version of the design with a watermark and will not charge you for a design

2. Extract the zip file

  1. Navigate to where you saved the zip file
  2. Right click onto the zip file and click EXTRACT ALL

This is the final contents of your extracted zip file

3. Import the design into Darkroom Booth

  1. Open Darkroom Booth
  2. Form the SETTINGS tab click CHOOSE

From the templates selection screen click ADD

Click BROWSE on the Template Browser

  1. Navigate to folder you extracted
  2. Select the folder
  3. Click OK
  1. Select the template
  1. Find your template (its sorted alphabetically) 
  2. Click the template 
  3. Click CHOOSE

If the number of photos to capture on your photo booth settings does not match the number of photos on the template you will get this message. Click YES so Darkroom can fix the number of photos captured. 

If your template looks cut off, you will need to adjust the print photo size.

  1. Click PRINT PHOTO
  2. Select the proper paper size


You are now ready to start using your Paddee photo booth template with Darkroom Booth!